Monday, September 13, 2010

I been thinking lately about my childhood and all the things that I miss the most about it. Other than having virtually no responsibility at all, the thing I miss most are the amazing TV shows I remember watching as a child. The Old Nickelodeon shows were the SHIT back in the day. Rocko's Modern Life, Doug, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Prometheus and Bob, Guts, Double Dare, Rugrats, and soooo many more. But surprisingly, the show I find myself missing the most is the Power Rangers. And no...I'm not talking any of the 15+ seasons of knock-off power rangers, I'm talking the original mutha fuckin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Used to have like every single one of these toys as a kid, then remember selling them (wish I hadn't now) at a yard sale when I was like 14. Am I the only one though that thinks the once the Green Ranger stepped in, he essentially replaced the Red Ranger as the dominant character? I mean yeah he was the most badass of them all, the Dragonzord was the shit, but it felt like Jason got screwed out of being the original "leader" and all when Tommy showed up. For a group of teens they sure managed to avoid all the drama that teenagers today seem to get tangled up in. :-P Anyways, that's my two cents for the day. Peace.


Mandy said...

Avoided drama? It sounds like there was a ton of it! Stepping in and replacing the leader. . . and probably taking the leader's girl. Tsk.

Lewis Candler said...

has anybody seen the green ranger's mma fights?