Sunday, September 5, 2010

So after eating Chinese for lunch I've come to terms that, even though fortune cookies usually offer a generic "fortune" that can come true for most anyone who reads them, it's still ironic how everyone takes them to be so "meaningful" and fun to read.

That being said, mine today read "Your wildest dream will surely come true, keep working towards it." My wildest dream ever since I've been a child has been to own a Lamborghini, so if there's any truth to the fortune cookie's tale, then one day I'll surely be driving the car of my dreams, right?

I won't hold my breath on it...but I will keep my chin up and keep working towards it. I could always hit the lottery, right? (Psyche) But it's still one of my goals, one day...maybe....if I keep working hard enough. I can reach my goal. And if I don't reach my goal? Well I can always settle for a $80,000 sports car instead of one that costs a cool quarter million. ;)