Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's been a good weekend...but who do all weekends have to fly by? I mean damn...I could use a full week off at this point already and we're only a small ways into the school year. I've been procrastinating homework all weekend and as of now, I still haven't done it for tomorrow. :-P (Meh - It's only studying for a quiz anyways). Moving on...I haven't drank any notable amount of alcohol in at least 7-8 months now. Kinda crazy if you go back to a time when I first started drinking back in my Freshman year of college. Reason why I stopped? Well I'd have to attribute that to a certain "herb" of sorts that I also tried in my freshman year of college....which leads me to my next point.

Downsides to getting drunk - (1) Excessive cost when you want to get "shitty". (2) Hangovers - Enough said (3) Inability to remember certain parts of the night before (4) Inability to drive and/or pass a DUI test (5) The need for designated drivers, and the list goes on.
Downsides to "the herb" - (1) It's illegal because the government says so....and...well....erm....that's the only one I can think of. It's cheaper than alcohol in the long run, no hangover like alcohol, rarely (if ever) will you have memory loss from it, almost every person I know hasn't had it affect their ability to drive and I know several friends that have even passed a field sobriety test while totally stoned. And thus, you have no need for a designated driver. I could go into a HUGE rant about the reasons it should be legal, but there are plenty of well constructed, logical arguments out there already. The government just isn't in a position to accept the logical aspects of legalization yet...though I hope to see it come in my lifetime. Till then, I'll just keep enjoying myself. ;)


KnightOnlineGoldMaker said...

i'de rather hang out with a friend high on weed then a drunk idiot :P


HXC-Master said...

yea it would be awesome

Reign said...

daily luff