Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a while since my last blog...another week of my life gone by. A lot can happen in a week. Worked 8AM-4PM on Monday-Wednesday and had class 5:30-8. Luckily I only have work on Thursday/Friday so I get some peace at least. I've been thinking a lot lately about traveling when I graduate grad school in May and where I want to go. I've thought a lot about Australia, my grandmother absolutely loved it when she spent two years teaching there...definitely on my list. Also I've thought about somewhere in the Caribbean like The Virgin Islands, or maybe Hawaii over in the Pacific. Lots of options, but I'm just ecstatic that I'll finally have the money to go somewhere new and exciting. :) My car randomly decided to shred a serpentine belt Thursday evening...Luckily I limped it home that night and had my co-worker give me a ride to and from work today, then my Dad drove over to help me put the new one on and also fix the tail lights in my car. So all in all, an extremely busy and hectic week, but life is still good. (Pic for shits and giggles)


Nix Funnies said...

wow sounds like u had a long week.
Def go on holiday to Australia, I'm from Aus and its awesome. LOL

Tornado Jackson said...

As I've said before, your blog is awesome.

loloriz0r said...

lol'd hard @ the vuvu.. clarinet.