Monday, September 6, 2010

A few months back, I jumped on the Amazon bandwagon finally when I saw they were giving away free Prime accounts to all college students with a valid .edu e-mail address and I must from Amazon is incredibly addictive now that I can get free two-day shipping on everything on the site, not to mention if you tinker with your Wish List by adding items to it and visiting them every day, Amazon will occasionally send you a coupon specifically for that item. (I saved over $150 on a new in-dash DVD player this way). All this taken into account, the purchase which made me the happiest is, hands down, a carton of 14 BOXES of Dunkaroos. :) These things are near impossible to find in stores where I live and now I have 14 f*cking boxes of them. Thank you Amazon for letting me be re-live my childhood through Dunkaroos. :D